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TKS is very glad to let all my customers know that we have found and established a stable cooperative relation with a supplier who offers high-quality and complete product line of engine under cover, fender liner, radiator spare tank, wiper tank, etc. 

TKS help our customers consolidate all the purchasing products (especially auto parts and accesorries) to a container, and handling the export affairs.  Our purchasing products line includes automotive lamps, bumpers, step bars, grilles, hoods, moulding, inner fenders, door handles, door mirrors, engine covers, fenders, etc.


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High-quality Supplier of Engine Under Cover and Fender Liner
TKS is very glad to let all my customers know
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Strong Local Bonds 27 February 2010, 19.51
Strong Local Bonds
  TKS has strong bonds with
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Lights for Bicycle 27 February 2010, 19.13
Lights for Bicycle
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