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Auto Lamp Manufacturer-- TKS Industrial Co., Ltd.

TKS, a professional automotive lamp supplier, specializes in developing most advanced lighting system
with cutting-edge technology for automotive vehicles.  Our main products include headlight, taillight and
auxiliary light assemblies with necessary fixtures and electrical componenets.  Our models meet SAE
and ECE specifications.  Customization is always welcome!!!

In-House R&D Division and Tooling Shop

TKS's auto lamps and accessories are developed by its in-house R&D team and tooling shop.  To produce
its high-performance lighting systems, TKS's marketing and R&D divisions work together and watch new
technologies, automotive trends and customer needs in order to constantly update its products to win the
confidence of customers worldwide.

Meet Stringent Quality Standard

TKS takes pride in its high quality manufacturing process.  With the installation of advanced quality control
systems on every assembly line, products are manufactured to exacting standards.  After leaving the
assembly line, TKS's products are inspected by its team of engineers to assure the highest quality possible. 
By maintaining these rigorous standards for all of its products, customer is guaranteed of receiving well-made
automotive lightings and accessoires.


Strong Local Bonds

TKS has strong bonds with manufacturers of high quality auto parts and accessories in Taiwan.  Our
international department can help customers consolidate local shipments of auto parts and accessories,
including lamps, mirrors, grilles, bumpers, inner fenders, washer tanks, locks, horns, hood, weather strip
mouldings, body parts, etc.  With collecting effort, this service aims to help our customers complete
their product purchase more effectively as well as to help our suppliers extend their sale networks.